IoT Sensors Help Create a “Smart” Golf Course

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A golf course’s turf can be kept in tip-top shape – even if there’s been a shortage of rain. Thanks to CleverFarm’s smart IoT sensors, a golf course can always know the condition of their entire course – even down to the exact level of moisture in the soil.

August 28, 2019
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It is now possible to fine-tune the exact amount of water the course needs based on the soil conditions. Also, the humidity measurements can give course managers powerful insights as to whether diseases or pests might become a problem.

“We decided to go with CleverFarm so that we could continuously have a complete assessment of the turf conditions on our golf course. Rainfall gauges and their meteorological stations give us information about the humidity and precipitation. The soil sensors let us know how dry the soil is and help calibrate our irrigation system. Because the region we’re in has issues with drought, IoT sensors helps us use only the exact amount of water we need – which helps the environment. Another advantage that CleverFarm provides us is an early warning for diseases and pests, which correlate strongly with increasing humidity levels. Specifically, it helps us fight against infestations of both guinea pigs and various fungal diseases.”

Marek Filipčík
Greenkeeper of the Ropice golf resort


“Because the region we’re in has issues with drought, IoT sensors helps us use only the exact amount of water we need – which helps the environment.”


“We’re bringing a key innovative solution to the golfing sector. Our online sensors allow course managers to always know the conditions of the greens and fairways without having to walk or drive many kilometers every day. Every hour, the sensors are delivering their measurements straight to the CleverFarm mobile app, which allows the caretakers to only go where they are needed. Another great thing is that the management of the golf course can predict and counter possible disease and infestation problems, based on both current, and historic, measurements from the IoT sensors. That is how CleverFarm has become the most experienced supplier of IoT technology on golf courses throughout the Czech Republic.”

Adam Zlotý
CEO of CleverFarm


CleverFarm provides a custom-tailored solution

The Ropice golf resort also uses satellite monitoring services from CleverFarm. It can be used to provide a lot more details about any parts of the course that aren’t doing so well. This can give early warning on situations such as the drainage system not working correctly due to heavy rainfall. “Satellite imagery allows us to get a jump on solving problems pretty much as soon as they occur, so that we can fix them before it negatively affects our customers’ golfing experience. It’s also a great way to keep our lawn in ideal shape, adds Mr. Filipčík. In addition to the soil sensors, meteorological stations, sensors for the irrigation system, and satellite monitoring, CleverFarm is also custom-designing additional products for Ropice. In the near future, they will add a pH measurement feature, which will be another large advancement in the caring for the grass.

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